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3 days since Pixelotto launch

Today is December 8th, 3 days since Pixelotto launch, and the prize fund is now in $126,000, which means that $252,000 worth of pixels were already sold.
The site hasn’t hit the big media yet, so it’s a nice revenue in a few days. Let’s see what the next days will bring.

I have also been contacted by Will B, that as created an info product regarding pixel sites, and how to profit from them. The url is:

For more info about Pixelotto, you can read my lens:

It has news updated hourly, taken from Google and Yahoo.


December 8, 2006 - Posted by | pixelotto, pixelotto.com


  1. Also you can track daily activity on pixelotto.com via this website http://www.pixelottoreport.com.
    For example, yeaterday, the 9th of December, there were 5,800 pixels sold, day earlier – 16,300 pixels.
    The total amount of sold pixels is 111,300 (by now)

    Comment by Alex Filatov | December 10, 2006

  2. Here is the website where you can see detailed daily statistics on pixels sold.
    By now there are 126,300 pixels sold and 339 advertisers registered.

    Comment by pixelottoreport | December 10, 2006

  3. Great site http://www.pixelottoreport.com 🙂

    Well, it seems Alex Tew is not selling lots of ads now…

    Comment by Pedro Sardinha | December 21, 2006

  4. Thank you, Pedro!
    Here is new updates:
    1. I’ve added section with list of advertisers which ad blocks have been removed from pixelotto.com in some unknown way.
    2. Added personal webpage for each advertiser

    Also there are big activity in my blog – there are many advertisers wanted to get their money back because of such a non-profit investment.
    Please check this here: http://pixelottolive.blogspot.com
    If you’re pixelotto advertiser you can share your opinion regarding your investment there.

    Comment by Alex Filatov | December 22, 2006

  5. Again, i state that Alex could have done so much more with a new site. In my opinion he’s failed to make the mark with pixelotto. Providing visitors an incentive to click the ads was correct, however, making just one person a million dollar winner doesn’t fair well with the general public……. the chances of winning aren’t realistic. One of the copycats hit the mark and that is http://www.pixaprize.com. A long-term, sustainable business concept, with the grid transformed into a treasure hunt grid and prizes hidden behind various squares for visitors to win. If that wasn’t enough, vsitors are given quirky “hot & cold” clues to help them find those prizes. Gets visitors clicking and advertisers are much happier for the traffic. Appeasing both visitors and advertisers is what it’s about and pixaprize hits the mark. Unlucky Alex i say! should’ve copied pixaprize!

    Comment by Ish | December 28, 2006

  6. I agree with Ish.
    U can do much more with a new site, the pixaprize idea was good, but not interesting enough to play. Compare with http://www.jublme.be.

    Comment by filip | March 22, 2009

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